Add disclaimers to outbound messages

If you are the administrator of your company’s Office 365 service, you can create a disclaimer for email messages.

A disclaimer is text that’s automatically added to the bottom of e-mail messages and typically used to provide legal information, warnings about unknown or unverified senders, or for other reasons as determined by an organization.

This is an example of a disclaimer: IMPORTANT NOTICE: This e-mail message is intended to be received only by persons entitled to receive the confidential information it may contain. E-mail messages to clients of may contain information that is confidential and legally privileged. Please do not read, copy, forward, or store this message unless you are an intended recipient of it. If you have received this message in error, please forward it to the sender and delete it completely from your computer system.

Here’s how to create a disclaimer that’s added to the bottom of all messages sent to external recipients:

  1. In the Exchange Control Panel, select Manage My Organization > Mail Control > Rules.
  2. Click New. Enter the following information in the New Rule window:
  3. Click “More Options…”
    1. If…Select “The recipient…” and “is external/internal.” In the Select Scope window, select “Outside the organization,” and click OK.
    2. Do the following: Select “Append a disclaimer to the message…” and “Append a disclaimer.”
  4. Click “Enter text…” to enter the disclaimer text, and click OK.
  5. Click Select one… to specify a fallback action that defines what you want to do if the disclaimer can’t be applied to the message. The choices are “Wrap,” “Ignore,” and “Reject.” The default action is “Wrap.”
  6. To add exceptions to the rule so the disclaimer isn’t applied to specific messages, click “Except if…” For example, to specify specific users, select “The sender…” and “Is this person” or “Is a member of this group.”
  7. Name of rule: Accept the default name, or enter a unique, descriptive name for the rule.
  8. Click Save.