McAfee SaaS Security Centre migration update

This week you have a notice if logging into McAfee SaaS control www.mcafeeasap.com the following message..

Transfer Information: Your McAfee Security Centre account has been selected for transfer to McAfee ePO Cloud. Click proceed and provide your consent to transfer your account.

Over the coming weeks the team will be putting together a support package on how to manage the migrations to ePO Cloud - if you would like any support please contact support@mjkelly.eu

Why your account selected for transfer.

Our records indicate that you have active McAfee SaaS licenses, with McAfee SaaS Endpoint Security products installed on one or more of your endpoints. As a current SaaS, subscriber, we will transfer the management of your Endpoint systems to McAfee ePO Cloud for you.

Note: Because the SaaS endpoint client is EOL, we can provide McAfee ePO Cloud management only for your current SaaS endpoint systems.

Manual transfers of endpoints and policies.

1. After you have activated your McAfee ePO Cloud account, re-create any custom policy that you had created by yourself in SecurityCenter. If you were using the default policy, you can skip this step as a default policy is applied in McAfee ePO Cloud also.

2. Reinstall the Endpoint Security product using the installation URL generated from McAfee ePO Cloud.

3. Once the installation is complete, the endpoint will report in McAfee ePO Cloud and you can assign the correct policies for them

Continue using McAfee SecurityCenter:

You can continue to manage the SaaS endpoint client from McAfee SecurityCenter until the EOL date.

If you would rather continue using McAfee SecurityCenter for all your systems, uninstall any instances of Endpoint Security from your managed systems, and install SaaS endpoint 6.x.


SaaS endpoint 6.x does not support Windows 10. You will need to use McAfee ePO Cloud to install Endpoint Security on Windows 10 devices.